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Who Cherry Lou Now Carried At The Largest Foot Locker Store In Texas

Who Cherry Lou Now Carried At The Largest Foot Locker Store In Texas


Who Cherry Lou apparel can now be purchased inside of Foot Locker located at 3388 Old Spanish Trail in Houston, TX. Which is currently the biggest Foot Locker location in the entire state of Texas. They sell the most popular shoe and athletic wear brands on the market, including Nike, Adidas, Jordan, and now, Who Cherry Lou!

It All Started With 13 Sweaters

My mind is continuously blown whenever I look backwards in time from this moment to Who Cherry Lou’s humble beginnings. Some days I still can’t believe I am where I am today. In December 2015, I drained my bank account to launch this brand with only 13 sweaters as the entire product lineup for my brand, Who Cherry Lou. Fast forwarding to now, the catalogue consists of a variety of tees, jackets, bodysuits, slides, hats, and even socks!

Now I’m not just selling my products online anymore. You can go to an actual store front - physically walking into it and breathe in that “new shoe” scent - to buy Who Cherry Lou apparel. Who would’ve ever thought, ya know?


Inspired by Lisa Frank, Hip Hop, Asian Culture, and Nipsey Hussle


I believe one of the reasons I've come so far is my spirit of resilience. My designs are inspired by the things that make me happy, starting from my childhood, the music I listened to, and the school supplies I used as a kid.

Yes, you read that correctly, “school supplies.” The “Candyland collection is inspired by Lisa Frank, that variety of rainbow colors and cutesy characters that always made you stand out when opened your sticker book collection or pencils you took to school. Everything that I indulge in on the daily, inspires me in one way or another.

To add on, Asian culture is also a main source of inspiration. So, I turned it into wearable art that brings me nostalgia from my childhood.

Finally, Who Cherry Lou takes huge inspiration, not just in design but in its soul, from hip hop music. Hip hop was my goto genre growing up, but it was also a lifeline for me. Music has carried me through from my personal battles all the way to inspiring me in many ways for my brand.

One of my favorite artists is Nipsey Hussle, a rapper who believed in innovation and ownership. I used to watch interviews of him constantly, indulging and taking in every word. They gave me life, inspired my dreams, and made me shoot for the highest even when I felt like I wasn’t worthy. He is one of the biggest reasons for Who Cherry Lou’s success.


“Find Your Purpose Or You Wastin’ Air”

A Nipsey Hussle quote that encapsulates my experience from starting and continuously building Who Cherry Lou, is, “Find your purpose or you wastin’ air.” I have self-taught myself almost everything I know about the fashion business, and I am still learning. Subconsciously telling myself, if I want it as bad as I say I do, what’s stopping me from breaking all barriers that’s stopping me from succeeding in this field? So, I taught myself by trial and error. Experience is your best educator.

This newest milestone of being carried by Foot Locker is a honor. I hope someone reads this and become inspired and chase their dreams.


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